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I am currently a senior majoring in public relations with a concentration in media presentation and design at Ball State University with plans to graduate in December 2018. My goals are to continue practicing, learning and molding my PR skills into applicable experiences for my future and to differentiate myself from other future PR pros.

I am actively looking for a job in branding, graphic design, or traditional PR.

My accomplishments will be achieved with honesty, empathy and integrity, and my relationships sustained through laughter, kindness and loyalty.

My life can be described with a few phrases: affinity for coffee, one-girl dance parties to Carly Rae Jepsen, and a passion for changing the future for the better. I'm a firm believer in realistic optimism, and I try to live my life to match.

In case you were wondering, I'm a Virgo, an INFJ, a Hufflepuff, and I love taking personality tests.

My ultimate goal is to be somewhere warm with a published novel in my portfolio and a success career in PR surrounded by friends and family.



The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County

October 2017 to Present

  • Create marketing content involving fund founder history

  • Tell founder stories in an accurate and engaging way by compiling interviews and research

  • Create branded graphics to highlight relevant quotes from founder stories encouraging donations and partnerships

  • Research for and design graphics for #WhoGives and #WhyGive social media campaigns

  • Edit newsletter and annual report content

  • Create an emergency plan database that includes an inventory of everything in the office

  • Input grant applications into an online system

Community Engagement Intern


  • Town Endowment Grant social media blasts published in May 2018

  • Founder story published in August 2018 newsletter

Bath & Body Works and White Barn

Sales Associates

  • Sell products accurately and effectively to customers

  • Ensure a pleasant shopping experience from entrance to exit

  • Keep the store clean and inviting

  • Collaborate with coworkers to make selling and customer service more effective

  • Train new employees on ACES database and other workplace systems and rules

  • Perform floorsets to specifications to ensure the follow-through of Bath & Body Works' brand story

October 2014 to Present


  • Survived four Black Friday sales and four holiday seasons

Cardinal Communications

Account Director

  • Be the primary liaison between my clients and my account team to ensure goals and objectives are met on all fronts

  • Create project timelines and manage the effective and efficient completion of these projects

  • Maintain a consistent stream of communication with both clients and my account team; lead team meetings

  • Collaborate with other members of the senior leadership team to better Cardinal Communications as an agency

  • Provide constructive feedback to account coordinators on assignments

  • Encourage my account team to grow as professionals and think outside of the box

As an Account Director, I worked with the following clients:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie (social media management, website updates, digital copy)

  • Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce (strategic communications plan, social media plan, social media management)

January 2018 to May 2018

Account Executive

September 2017 to December 

  • Collaborated with my account director to keep team on task and organized

  • Met with clients and ran meetings when my account director was unavailable

  • Continued to perform the daily tasks of an account coordinator alongside my team

  • Created workshops to increase my team's knowledge of the public relations industry

As an Account Executive, I worked with the following clients:

  • Down Syndrome Indiana (social media writing, flash mob event planning)

  • Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce (social media management)

Highlights: From February to April 2018, the content created by my account team...​

  • Increased Chamber Facebook page likes by 1.3 percent

  • Increased Chamber Facebook post average reach from last period by 45.4 percent

  • Increased Boys & Girls Clubs Facebook page likes by 3.4 percent

  • Increased Boys & Girls Clubs Facebook past average reach by 36.8 percent


  • Presented lessons in time management through the Ivy Lee Method and genuine personal branding

Account Coordinator

September 2016 to August 2017

  • Worked with clients to brainstorm, organize and execute a strategic public relations plan

  • Wrote content for clients' websites, social media accounts and other channels of communication

  • Collaborated with my team to create a positive and unique experience for every client

As an Account Executive, I worked with the following clients:

  • Down Syndrome Indiana (social media writing, flash mob event planning)

  • Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce (social media management)


  • Parks & Recreation post reached 1,648 people with 5 shares and 18 post reactions

what i do


From a brand new magazine to a brand campaign for the world's largest online secondhand retailer. That's a mouthful.



From a brand new magazine (again) to a series of brights, WSJ style. InDesign is my most bestest friend.


From social media planning to content creation. After all, what's a plan without some follow through?


From life-changing founder stories to strategic social media graphics. Just three words: nonprofits are awesome.



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